yes, the NHS is in a mess – but not because it’s a public service


I’ve received a copy of an atonishing, eye-opening survey of ambulance staff in an English NHS Trust.  This survey covered the experience and opinions of paramedics in South East Coast NHS ambulance Trust, but its findings could just as easily have come from almost any part of the NHS under this government.

These findings have special significance for places like Stafford, who face long ambulance journeys to urgent treatment if plans to close their hospital go ahead, and great relevance to the care issues that the government has used to demonise NHS staff. And they make chilling reading.

This survey consists of 5 questions, plus comments from those surveyed. The survey percentages and a few of the comments have been published on the GMB union’s website, but as far as I know this is the first time most of the comments have been in the public domain.

The first couple…

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