the use and misuse of statistics – how many ‘unnecessary/excess’ deaths?


Hot on the heels of its ‘correction’ item that represents the mainstream media’s first genuine acknowledgement that the hysterical claims of ‘needless’ deaths were as wildly incorrect concerning Stafford hospital as they were for the 14 ‘Keogh’ hospitals falsely accused by the right-wing press of causing 13,000 avoidable deaths, comes a second, more high-profile and emphatic article on the same topic,

The Guardian appears to be now fully out of the ‘mortality’ closet.

For a long time, the newspaper repeated the mortality claims about Mid Staffs as emphatically as most other media sources, but deserves great credit now for being prepared to put its error on the record and for beginning to allow some of the voices that have been exposing the ‘avoidable deaths’ myth for some time, though of course it would be even better to see the headlines as large and prominent as those that have, in various…

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