the continuing destruction of the NHS – at the expense of unnecessary deaths (not those mythical ones you’ve heard about, no, these are real future deaths)


It’s deeply ironic, really. In July, the truth about the media’s nonsensical distortions regarding NHS mortality finally entered the mainstream. The shamelessly misleading claims ahead of the publication of the Keogh report, and Keogh’s complete demolition of them as ‘reckless’ and ‘meaningless’, finally opened many people’s eyes to a tactic that has been used to the point of nausea by media and this government to undermine the public’s affection for, and confidence in, the NHS.

Those claims continue to be repeated, but fewer people are now fooled by them – and gradually the public is realising what has been known for some time: since the mortality claims about the wider NHS are nonsense, the claims about Stafford hospital, which were based on the same deeply-flawed statistics, are unfounded too.

But in the same month, just when the claims about Stafford are finally being exposed as invention, the government and…

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