A brilliant bringing together of the elements of the UK police state. Good vibes to Delilah!


So the NSA has paid GCHQ 100 million over the past three years for information it gathers by spying on citizens – information that could bring a knock on the door in the middle of the night to anyone who innocently googles the wrong phrase. Meanwhile the UK Border agency illegally stops and questions people of colour in London streets whilst tweeting live updates of its “successes” and the hate vans roll around with their fictional statistics and Police in Balcome use excessive force to defend an energy company’s right to profit from the destruction of ecosystems against the wishes of locals, (whilst, simultaneously, the Greenland icesheet starts its slide into the sea after record high temperatures). And, of course, there’s Cameron’s disingenuous porn filter initiative – which is undoubtedly a mechanism primarily for blocking a whole host of other material, from Anarchism to Zinn, and for identifying the…

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