‘Cure the NHS’ – newspeak for ‘destroy the NHS’


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Julie Bailey, the founder of “patients’ group” Cure the NHS (Cure), has won an award. She has been awarded the ‘Strategy’ prize by Westbourne, a communications agency.

The prize, part of Westbourne’s “Change Opinions Award” campaign, was awarded to Bailey for being ‘so Change Opinion’, specifically for ‘daring’

to take on the once great NHS, an institution which, until she shook it by the throat, was sacrosanct

and for being

a “human JCB” who won’t stop until she has bulldozed her way through a health service she says is in terminal decline.

Westbourne’s article about the award goes on to elaborate,

When considering this campaign, it is important to note who her opponent was. The NHS has one of the most professional communications departments, and spends vast amounts of money to keep it that way. The respect they command is highlighted by the fact…

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