Is there a conspiracy to undermine the NHS. (Hint – yes.) Interesting to read the comments too.


I’ve had the occasional run-in on Twitter with Gary Walker, the NHS ‘whistleblower’ who has been getting his face in the papers a lot lately – primarily because he’s swallowed the line of ‘Cure the NHS’ (Cure) hook, line and sinker and now seems to consider himself an expert in a position to pronounce on events at Mid Staffs.

I’ve also outlined on this blog the bullying and mobbing tactics used by Cure to try to intimidate dissenters into silence, as well as wild and unfounded accusations they make freely against those who venture to contradict them. Saying anything they disagree with risks incurring a concerted smear campaign.

Both these factors came together today when Mr Walker – who styles himself ‘modernleader’ on Twitter – threatened me with police action for ‘harassing’ Julie Bailey, the founder of Cure.


Mr Walker has a poor grasp of the law – and an…

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