Most of the comments I’ve received on this blog about my articles on Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios (HSMRs) has been very positive. Health workers, members of the public and the occasional journalist have contacted me to offer support or thanks and to affirm how my conclusions have matched their daily experience, or to ask questions to get a better grasp of the facts.

Of course, not all the comment has been positive, but in some cases an originally confrontational stance has modified as facts have been discussed.

HSMRs – the statistics that fuelled the completely misleading headlines about ‘hundreds of avoidable deaths‘ at Stafford hospital and which are now being used by Jeremy Hunt and the Parliamentary Tory party (aided and abetted by lazy and/or malicious media) to attack more than 10% of England’s hospitals – are a complex matter. Explaining why they’ve been wrongly calculated and…

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