Absolute poverty has come to Britain

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Please see the bottom for a small suggestion that may carry this specific issue forward.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, Chi Onwurah (Labour, Newcastle Upon Tyne Central) asked what advice the PM had for a constituent who, having become homeless at 17, has since lived in social housing and is now studying for ‘A’ Levels.

From £57pw benefits he now faces loss of £14 (“Spare Room Tax”) and £3 (reduced Council Tax Benefit). After utilities bills he will have £11 a week to live on.

The multi millionaire Prime Minister ignored the question flat, instead churning out his reasoning for the changes with no regard to the human consequence. Such is the nature of psychopaths.

It’s a reduction in disposable income of over 50% for someone at the bottom of the pile, trying to improve his life in just the way the Tories would lecture him to.

When global charities talk…

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