Neo-Feudal News

The tabloid obsession with paedophilia and death has always been tawdry and prurient.

Why can’t they stop thinking about it? It’s more concerning when one considers the seeming lack of genuine care for victims beyond the degree that suffering can be exploited to shift copy, or revel in sanctimony.

The Sun’s sister rag, The News Of The World, spied on at least one victim of a child murderer and her family. Tabloids daren’t face the complex and awkward issues behind the horrid subject – too much detail (yawn), not exciting or “sexy” enough in their own parlance.

All they want to know about is dirty pervs having sex with kids, so they can go on and on about how dirty and pervy it is.

This Sunday could have seen a new low. Lacking a dirty pervy child abuse story of note, the front page of Murdoch’s festering “news” paper still reads…

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