it seems Labour are trying to prevent the Tories’ final death blow to the NHS…


I’ve written a couple of articles on what is known as ‘Statutory Instrument 2013 no. 257’ (SI257) over the last few days. The first highlights how the Tories are using a little-known Parliamentary procedure to try to slip through regulations which will completely change the nature of our NHS, fragmenting it into a series of competitive markets where the winners get to wear the ‘NHS’ badge, rather than a true, public National Health Service.

The second detailed a session with Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham, in which he touched on the opportunity to use the NHS Constitution, a document that has statutory force, as the best hope of preventing or at least impeding the effects of SI257 if the government succeeds in pushing through its undemocratic resolution.

As a result of those two articles, I’ve come into possession of a series of emails by a Labour MP that provide some…

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