This is so important – we all need to act now.

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NHSRIPBlame it on the norovirus that’s clawing it’s way through my body if you like, but I think I’m getting cold sweats at the thought of the imminent demise of whatever’s left of the English NHS.

By stealth, of course. What can we expect from the most underhanded, base and dissembling government in living memory?

Oh, I suppose you all thought it was safe because Andrew Lansley gave his assurance that creeping privatisation would only proceed where it was in the public interest.

A Tory’s idea of public interest doesn’t coincide with the dictionary definition, you know. They’re nicknamed ‘self-servatives’ for a reason.

That’s why, last Wednesday, when you and I were discussing Workfare or the new regulations for social security benefits (which are themselves almost as scandalous as the Coalition government’s treatment of the NHS), the Department of Health quietly released regulations that open England’s health…

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