From: sameeha E.
Subject: greetings from Gaza

Date: Monday, 19 November, 2012, 11:21

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter to inform you that so far I and my family are fine. I have been receiving great messages of support from most of you and I’m terribly sorry for not writing you individually as my internet connection is broken and due to electricity availability.

Tonight was one of the hardest nights we’ve witnessed since the beginning of the ongoing massacre still fiercely going! Our house was literary shaking with each bomb falling. My neighbourhood has been hit several times with F16s and living in the Eastern Part of Gaza close to areas like Zaitoun, Jabalia and Shejaeya means that I can hardly miss on any of the bombing targeted at any of those neighbourhoods. Especially with Israeli using newly developed weapons: Bombs which we’ve never heard before (though you might have thought we’ve already experienced all of it)

It sounds relieving sometimes that we only get 8-16 hours of electricity a day. Watching the local coverage of every thing that is taking place, with media channels finding it hard to even keep up with the intensity of the brutality of the continuous bombings, brings about so many memories of a previous similar war, more vicious this time.

It’s hard to think that 2 months ago, I was safely studying at Durham University, Durham, one of the most tranquil places on earth, and today, I’m reduced to a possible target of an F16 who does not see me or any Palestinian living within the enclave as human.

I have been asked to keep on writing, but right now, it is very difficult for me to put my thoughts all together in one piece and publish it. It’s very difficult for me to realize the sense behind it, and it is also very difficult to find a time where the sound of drones is not piercing through your ears, the bombing threatening your loved ones every couple of minutes, and sound of ambulances rushing to save what is left of humanity buried under the rubble.

Yesterday, I watched the BBC coverage of what they have chosen to call “The Gaza Israel Violence”, and I would not speak of the disproportionate powers as I believe that this is not a confrontation but it’s rather our right to Resist an illegal occupation. The BBC correspondent was actually standing before a “Damaged building” in Ashkelon talking about the number of missiles hitting Israeli cities, while a whole family, around 12 members of which have been massacred, were being lift from under the rubble of their own home. I know that BBC does not represent the public opinion.

So, I’m writing you to urge you to keep protesting for Gaza , keep protesting for humanity and for justice. I know that a lot of people might not be aware of your solidarity in Gaza , but for those of us who know and see, it means a lot to us. And hopefully, it would push towards a stop to this brutal state violence. I might not be able to write right now, but I know that you’d carry my voice and make it be heard.

Much love

And in solidarity