I’m no good at expressing myself about these things, and this post is a straight cut-and-paste of an email sent to Occupy Manchester by David F-A, who could be in my head, he’s so good at saying what I want to say:

How is it that BILLIONS and TRILLIONS can be ‘found’ for bankster bailouts but not for good and useful things?!

Might it perhaps be as simple as the absence of democratic control of and accountability for all our money supply?
What do we ‘the people’ want?
It’s surely self-evident that we do NOT want mass un(der)employment and workfare slavery!

When governments (who cannot themselves make money) are forced to borrow money to maintain a knackered banking system (with ever increasing handouts to execs), they are then told by undemocratic and unaccountable masters of our money supply that they have too much debt and must not be allowed to borrow more for ‘big state’ spending that offers insufficient ROI (return on investment) to service the debt and compound interest – like welfare support for the most vulnerable.

Money is not a fixed and finite resource to be simply moved from here to there.
It is a human invention, a fiction with infinite supply – a simple tool to motivate human activity.
(More info here > http://positivemoney.org.uk)
A democratic and accountable money supply would prioritise money flowing to the areas and activities of life that protect and enrich the 99%.

But instead, the current collective MADN€$$ permits and promotes thousands of seriously sick and disabled citizens to be wrongly declared ‘fit for work’ (i.e. dole) by an ATOS and DWP ‘points system’ which proceeds to swiftly remove essential financial support; thousands already now dead from pressured suicide and worsening health – many more thousands right now in this hellish industrialised pipeline, costing us the public more than £100 million each year paid to ATO$ plus tens of millions more spent on appeals.
The ‘theory’ of this inhuman ‘Work Capability Assessment’ (WCA) programme is cheerleaded by people who really should know better and should care far more about the ‘practice’ in the real world – David Freud, Ian Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling, aided and abetted by ‘healthcare professionals’ willing to take the extra money and hide behind the ‘commercial confidentiality’.
(I wonder if grainy, black and white photos of these horrors might be a helpful reminder of the road we are on once again?!)

If the good people of our nation can tolerate, or remain wilfully blind to, such levels of cruel MADN€$$, then we will surely end up justifying all manner of daily atrocities and, like nations before us in history, one day look aghast in horror and shame at how we sleepwalked into tyranny.

The deadly dogma of ‘deficit austerity’ is directly linked to the fact that the blood flowing through our economy is poisonous and parasitic debt – not forgetting the industrial scale tax dodging abuse and rampant and escalating wealth injustices, inflicting horrific damage on the public purse.

The fight for financial justice is not about ‘wonkish’ preferences for flavours of neat and orderly finance; no, it is all about cause and effect – the effect of accumulating misery of inhumanity caused by proactive choices by the few, in direct support of financial injustices.

This was posted on twitter recently :
” ‘Austerity banking & economics’: “bleeding the patient, slowly, just short of death, to keep the brain tumour alive as long as possible” ”

There is now no more urgent task than to diffuse the weapon of mass destruction that is our current debt-money system by demanding and implementing a fully democratic and accountable money supply for the benefit of the 99%.

Without it, we might as well be shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic.